Medication Lock Box Grant Request Template

This medication lock box grant template was originally created for DFC coalitions. Please feel free to copy, modify, or edit to suit your purposes.


Dear [Grant Committee],

As a Drug-Free Communities (DFC) coalition, we are committed to preventing substance misuse and promoting healthy lifestyles in our community. One of the most pressing issues that we face is the rising number of drug overdose deaths in our area. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drug overdose deaths increased by [insert percentage] in [insert year], with [insert number] fatalities recorded in our community alone.

As a coalition, we have identified medication safety as a key priority area for our work. We recognize that prescription drug abuse is a significant contributor to the overdose epidemic and that safe medication storage is essential to preventing misuse and abuse. To address this issue, we are requesting funding for the purchase of medication lockboxes for distribution to our community members.

The medication lockboxes will be distributed through various community events and outreach programs, including health fairs, school events, and public education campaigns. Our goal is to provide lockboxes to individuals and families who are at risk of medication misuse or abuse, including those with a history of substance use disorders, chronic pain, or mental health conditions.

We estimate that we will need [insert number] medication lockboxes to serve our target population, and each lockbox costs approximately [insert cost]. The total grant amount we are requesting is [insert amount], which includes the cost of the lockboxes and associated distribution and education expenses.

We believe that the provision of medication lockboxes will be a crucial step in reducing the number of overdose deaths in our community. By promoting safe medication storage, we can prevent accidental overdoses, medication theft, and other forms of medication misuse. We are committed to working with our community partners to promote healthy behaviors and prevent substance misuse, and we believe that this grant will be an important part of that effort.

Thank you for your consideration of our grant request.


[Coalition Representative Name]
[Coalition Name]