Safe medication storage is important. It helps prevent overdose, addiction, and harm.

I am on a mission to provide outreach organizations the tools and talking points they need to engage and educate their communities to reduce overdose, addiction, and harm.

My mission can't be completed alone which is why I work with Poison Control, Public and Tribal Health centers, DFC Coalitions, Children's Hospitals, and other organizations that do outreach in their communities.

Affordable and available does not always translate to accessible. There are many families and individuals who rely on these organizations and their efforts for their safety and security.

A bit more about me;

I served for 4 years in the US Air Force providing front-line fuel support. It’s tip of the spear, mission critical stuff. No fuel, no fight.

During my second tour in Iraq, I sustained invisible injuries that precluded continued service.

After getting out, I used my GI Bill to get a BS in Computer Science. Before starting RemedyGuard, I spent 7 years helping entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the complexities of ecommerce and third-party logistics.

2023 has been amazing.

In April, I attended the Rx and Illicit Drug Summit where I got the opportunity to interact with stakeholders from across the Country who are invested in preventing overdoses, addiction, and reducing harm.


In July, I graduated from the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans program offered by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families. I am now an honorary Syracuse Alumni!

Picture of Mathew Snyder in Iraq and 20 years later in Syracuse, NY


In September, I started Jax Bridges. This 3-month program helps smaller companies grow and promotes supply chain diversification among corporations.


I am excited for the future!

I believe that by working together, we can make communities more resilient. We can approach solutions that focus on stigma reduction, health equity, and equality.

We can make the world better.

Thank you!

Mathew Snyder

Owner and Founder, RemedyGuard

1-800-766-0073 info@remedyguard.com