Senior Resources

Seasoned resilience - Unite, Overcome, Thrive

Getting older doesn't have to be a bummer. Do me a solid and scope these stellar sources of super info! Catch you on the flip side! I gotta skitty.

  • Catch my drift?

    The words we use matter. Follow the link below to learn why and ways you can reduce stigma. 
  • Don't bogart

    Keeping leftover or expired medications around increases the chances of accidental exposure. The majority of teens who abused medications got it from a friend or relative.

    Learn how to dispose of medicines properly. 
  • No five finger discounts

    If you share a home with young people, you can prevent accidental and intentional use by reducing access to substances in the home. Additionally, young people who report a close connection with their caregivers and an understanding of their family values are the least likely to use substances.